Hand cranked vs Electric Ice Cream Maker

hand cranked ice cream makerAffordable and easy to use, ice cream makers are increasingly growing in popularity. Indeed, instead of constantly having to go out for a sweet treat, it is highly recommended to make a one-time investment in an ice cream maker, hence ensuring that you can always whip up quick batches of ice cream on the go. Because their versatility, these machines can be used to personalize your mixture. Whether you choose to add chocolate flakes or chips, coconut flakes or other such ingredients to your mixture, you can easily personalize your dessert while making as many substitutions as you want. If you suffer from diabetes, for example, you can finally enjoy as much sugar-free ice cream as you want.

The market normally presents two main types of ice cream maker: hand cranked and electric. To make the best choice between these two, here are the pros and cons of each machine.

Hand Cranked Machine

Hand cranked machines are usually composed of a small inner bowl as well as an outer bowl. Users have to operate a hand-cranked system to activate the paddle and consequently churn the mixture. These ice cream makers are ideal for users on a limited budget because they tend to be less expensive and more compact than their counterparts. On the flipside, however, hand cranked machines need to be treated with a mixture of salt and ice prior to the churning process. They can also be slightly messy because of their compact size. Hand-cranked apparatuses do require more time to prepare the mixture as opposted to electric machines. They still remain quite an interesting option for users who want to benefit from the distinctive look and taste of homemade, old-fashioned ice cream.

Electric machines

Slightly more expensive than hand-cranked apparatuses, electric ice cream makers are equipped with motors to drive the paddle and churn the mixture. While some electric machines are designed to sit on the countertops, other models are designed to be placed in the freezer where the paddle slowly churns the mixture into soft ice cream. A more expensive albeit better-quality choice would be to go for an electric ice cream make with a freezing mechanism built directly into the canister. Consequently, all you need to do is pour in your mixture and allow the machine to take care of the messy work. The majority of electric machines are equipped with sprouts that enable you to add extra ingredients while the apparatus churns your mixture.